Osram Business Combination Agreement

You can find the corresponding documentation here: www.osram-group.com/en/investors/publications/2019 management of Osram sees many opportunities arising from the pooling of assets, especially with regard to the development of the Opto Semiconductors division. The merger with ams will enable the LED industry to benefit, among other things, from the development of innovative sensor and photon solutions and the use of well-established customer access. Osram will hold a conference call for journalists with the company`s board of directors on Tuesday, November 12, starting at 9 a.m. .m CET. It is broadcast on 87399.choruscall.eu/links/osram191112pr.html online. A recording of the call will also be available on this link. For more information on the offer – Website FAQ und Hotline for Kleinaktionre A FAQ section for shareholders is available online at ams www.offer-ams-osram.com/ [www.offer-ams-osram.com/]. A buy-to-let hotline for small investors is available Monday to Friday between 9 .m. and 18.m clocks (MESZ) at the telephone number 49 69 9517 9985 The Automotive division has been affected by the sharp decline in the automotive industry, particularly in China during the past year. In addition, the decline in traditional light sources for headlights is accelerating.

As a result, the sector generated sales of 1.8 billion euros. Adjusted EBITDA margin was 7.8 per cent. The profitability of the division was affected in particular by the Osram Continental joint venture. “We are pleased to inform you that we have completed our constructive discussions and have concluded a full BCA with OSRAM,” said Alexander Everke, CEO of ams. “This reflects our shared understanding of the definition of a collaborative framework to ensure the success of creating a world leader in sensor solutions and photonics. The agreement also reflects our ongoing commitment to safeguarding jobs and production sites in Germany. In addition, we are pleased that OSRAM`s Board of Directors and Board of Directors recommend our offer.