Nz Tenancy Agreement Locks

The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 does not expressly require tenants to make a key available to a landlord when the locks are changed, but landlords and tenants must consent to any modification, supplement or removal of the locks. Tenants must return all keys and other security features (p.B. garage remotes and pass cards) to the landlord at the end of the lease. A Student at Waikato University, whose lease ended when the landlord changed locks, received nearly $2300 from the Tenant Court. Before installing, removing or modifying locks or other security features, the landlord or tenant must obtain the consent of the other party. Owners must provide locks (or similar appliances) and wait for the property to be reasonably safe. If the owner likes to take care of the lawn, it is important to discuss it in advance and include it in the lease. The owner must provide locks and wait to keep the place safe, and he cannot change the locks without your permission. You must provide smoke detectors (although you will need to change the batteries) and you must also provide a sufficient water collection and storage system in areas where there is no water supply. A rental agreement should provide information such as: Landlords and tenants cannot remove, add or modify the locks without the other person`s consent.

If you do not have proper consent or excuses, it is illegal. If you are brought to the rental court, you may have to pay a fine. While there was no lease, Gongzhe Li agreed to rent a room in Angela Robb`s five-bedroom Hamilton home. The owner must make the premises available in a reasonably safe condition and wait. This means that locks (and other safety features) must be reasonably safe on site. The landlord must make the premises available at the beginning of the rent in a clean and orderly condition. This usually means that the landlord has to clean the premises before a new tenant moves in. Once you have signed a lease and paid a loan, you should receive a conditioning report. This report records the condition of the property.

Check this report carefully and immediately discuss any problems you may have with the owner. Robb must pay Li $2264, including a $1040 loan, an $888 rent refund, $336 in compensation for the illegal termination of the lease and a $20 deposit fee. If a tenant wishes to modify a lock, the landlord may require the tenant to provide a key as part of their agreement. Such agreements should be recorded in writing, preferably on the lease.